FAKE- Corona deaths due to bacteria, blood clot, finds Italian doctors

FAKE- Corona deaths due to bacteria, blood clot, finds Italian doctors

A news about latest Italian doctors’ discovery on Corona virus is the latest to the list of Corona related fake news. Several online media and messages started spreading different versions of this hoax claiming that the deaths are caused by a bacteria and not the Corona virus. It also says the cause is just blood clots and can be easily treated with antibiotics.

It's all FAKE. Let's prove these wrong, one by one.

HOAX 1- Corona is not actually a virus, but a bacteria. This claim opposes all the medical diagnosis done by all the countries till now. Medical experts have rebuked this claim. Any doubts on the characterization of the novel corona virus can refer to the genomic characterisation and epidemiology of corona virus from lancet.com

HOAX 2- Corona disease can be treated with antibiotics

Antibiotics are medicines that treat bacterial infections. They have no role to play against viral infections like Corona.

HOAX 3- Corona deaths are mainly due to blood clots. These can be treated with anticoagulants

Blood clotting also known as coagulation is a complication of corona and not the actual disease. Several studies and medical journals provide details on this. In those cases doctors suggest anticoagulants to treat this. However, there is no proof that blood clotting is major effect or the reason behind most of Corona deaths. Anticoagulants cannot be administered as a medicine to all corona patients. COVID-19 or the SARS CoV-2 is a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) virus and respiratory failure remains the major cause of worldwide deaths.

HOAX 4- Ventilator treatments are not necessary for Corona patients

Respiratory failure is the major life threatening effect of Corona virus. Ventilators are needed to treat patients that are not able to breath normally. However, ventilators are surely not needed for all corona patients.

HOAX 5- World Health Organisation involved in conspiracy prohibiting post mortem of Corona death victims

We could not find any evidence mentioning WHO’s prohibition on doing an autopsy on Corona patient’s body. But, strict guidelines have been instructed by WHO(World Health Organisation) and CDC(Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) (autopsy debate) which provide autopsy recommendations, all of which emphasize the importance of high level of biosafety.