About Sathyamano.com

Our sole purpose here at Sathyamano.com is to resifuriate news for you. Now, some of you would be wondering what resifuriate means? Some of you would have already guessed what it means. A few would be searching its meaning. The truth is, there is no such word. ‘Resifuriate’ is a made up word. Just like many of the news you come across in your daily routine.

We are here to separate fact from fiction, genuine from bogus ones.

MYTH: A belief that has come into practice without any proper reasoning, which may or may not be true.

FAKE NEWS: News, fabricated or twisted, made with the intention of getting your attention.

EXPIRED NEWS: News that is no more relevant, but is still spreading, creating unwanted fear and havoc.

Our team bases our work on proven scientific principles and trusted sites to solve each and any of the cases above. While there are many trustful sites where you can search for, rogue ones are also in plenty. It’s not practical to ask everyone who reads these news to check for the truth by themselves. That’s what we are here to do.

The only way to fight a lie is to fight with the truth. And that’s what we expect our audience to do. Spread the truth. And if you have something that we have missed out, do tell us.