FAKE: Pfizer’s corona vaccine vaporizer cartridge

FAKE: Pfizer’s corona vaccine vaporizer cartridge

A picture of a Pfizers corona virus vaccine vaporizer is attracting attention and raising a lot of questions. The packing shown in the image has Pfizer’s logo and shows the product name as ‘Coronavirus vaccine VAPORIZER CARTRIDGE’. What is the truth?

It is fake. The product branding looks like it was created as a joke.

A vaporizer, also known as ‘vape’ is used to vaporize substances for inhalation, commonly used with cannabis or tobacco.(wiki)

Pfizer has not produced a vaccine which can be inhaled using a vaporizer. The only process of administration of the vaccine is injecting it to the deltoid muscle of the arm(cdc website). The procedure requires a person to take 2 doses separated by at least 21 days.

The picture has mostly been shared for fun. It has however been taken for a fact by a lot and the joke seems to be on the ‘made in china’ tag.