What do the colour stripes on toothpaste tube indicate?

What do the colour stripes on toothpaste tube indicate?

Myth: Color stripes on the toothpaste indicate the contents.

This is one of the most spread myths in the world. There are umpteen articles and videos over the internet confirming this. The very popular myth claims that the colour stripes on the bottom strip of the toothpaste give an indication of the contents.


A black stripe is said to mean that the tooth paste is made from chemicals. A red one supposedly is a mix of natural and chemical ingredients. Blue stripe claims to be for natural and medicinal components. And a green stripe means it’s all natural.

Whats the Truth? The claim is absolutely false. This has nothing do with the contents. First of all, what is a chemical? The claim just leans on the popular thought that chemicals are bad. When you think of it, almost all medicines are also chemicals. And doesn’t chemicals occur naturally.

The truth is that the only purpose of these colour stripes are where the tooth paste is packed. The colour codes serve as an indication for the machine and show where the tube has to be cut, to make a tooth paste pack. It just marks the end of the tube.

Next time you want to know the ingredients, best way might be to go through the ingredient list on the tube.


The famous toothpaste manufacturer, Colgate confirms this on their site: article_link