Was that really Jayaram driving the Jeep?

Updated on Sep 05 2018

Was that really Jayaram driving the Jeep?

“Jayaram pona pokku kanda?”. That’s the caption of the video that is circulating everyone’s mobile since 2 days. An offroad drive with 3 passengers is what is there in the video. But just before the vehicle reaches the top, it looses control, comes back and down the slope at a high speed, putting passengers in danger. The post claims that the driver is the well-known Malayalam actor Jayaram.

Whats the truth? Was that really Jayaram behind the wheels?

The resemblance of the driver to actor Jayaram is what created all the problems. Jayaram himself has come forward, confirming that it’s not him driving the vehicle. Jayaram thanks everyone who cared and contacted him to check his well being. Jayaram himself has posted this video, clearing all the confusion.

Watch the video here: Link to video