Is Plastic Rice Real?

Updated on Sep 20 2018

Is Plastic Rice Real?

Is Plastic rice real?

The news about plastic rice is not new. In 2017, several videos spread across groups and pages confirming the threat of plastic rice in the market. One very convincing video showed a factory employee feeding plastic junk into a machine. The machine converted the plastic into paste and then into strings. The strings were then cut into small granules in the size of rice grains. The news also spread that there are several such factories in China that manufacture plastic rice and these are sent to Indian markets. Many believed the video without question and several other videos confirmed this. At many places it caused hatred towards Chinese and boycotting Chinese products.

What’s the truth?

The news is Fake. What the video shows is a normal industrial process of manufacturing plastic granules. These plastic granules can then be used for manufacturing other plastic products like plastic bottles, household items, pipes etc. The China Food and Drug Administration has responded to these allegations- link

The process of making plastic granules from plastic junk is a way of reusing plastic and is a standard process which is followed in many countries including India. Below is another video showing a bigger machine doing the same process in India. This is from Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd, a company based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Video Link

TRUTH: Plastic rice – FAKE.