Can electricity pass through camera flash light?

Updated on Sep 06 2018

Can electricity pass through camera flash light?

A so called "true story" is being shared in groups that claim of a boy getting electrocuted from a high voltage line through his camera flash. The story is supposed to have happened in a place in Mumbai. The post goes into details of how he was clicking a group photo and went close to the 40,000V line and what happened after.

What’s the truth? Can electricity pass through a flash light?  The story is FAKE. Electricity cannot pass through light. The story does not come with any proofs supporting the claim. And we know that electricity needs a medium to pass through. Air is not enough to pass electricity. If so, then we would be getting electrocuted all the time. And light is made of photons, which does not conduct electricity. Camera flash light is not different from the light of any of the household bulbs that we have. If the story was true, we would be getting electrocuted just by being in sunlight near a high voltage line.

If by some means we could pass electricity through flash light, then it would be a great discovery that would lead to wireless electric supplies at home.

So, the story is false. But, do be careful every time you are near a heavy voltage line or machine. Rest assured, you can stop worrying about a camera flash going to hurt you.