2019 April Fool Pranks- Which one did you believe?

Updated on Apr 08 2019

2019 April Fool Pranks- Which one did you believe?

April 1st is a day when everyone is allowed to play a prank on each other. Famous companies and service providers also take part fooling many more in numbers. Let’s take a look at top 3 of the pranks that came out this year.

OLA Restrooms

OLA started an advertisement of its new service where you can call a mobile restroom service, just like you call for an OLA cab. This has been shared across multiple networks and did gain quite an acceptance. However, this is not something that will start soon. It was just an April Fool prank which also emphasized the need for more clean public toilets.

OLA is taking this forward in another way, with an option to donate Rs. 1 on each rides as a contribution to the cause.

OLA ad


One+, the mobile company has its fare share of the market. And customers were happy to see an electric car from the mobile company. Only problem is that, this is another prank. One+ had tweeted a video about the car that’s powered by warp technology, whatever that is. There is no car coming out from One+, but it sure is something that they can try for.



Google is famous for its innovations. And they seem to be having research going on in every field. So, its not a surprise if they develop a technology that lets you speak to tulip flowers. Google Home is equipped with this feature and you can have conversations with your tulip. It will tell you when it needs more water and can even give you advices. The video was an instant hit and many didn’t realize that it was just another prank from the company.

Google Tulip ad